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"I used CSE HTML Validator Lite for about 3 years before buying v7. I think you are missing a big trick here! CSE Lite is excellent, and I thought the Pro version couldn't be much better. Boy, was I wrong!! You need to sing the praises of your Pro versions much more than you do. It is SO much more powerful. I just wish I had upgraded before."
- Philip Marter, CSE HTML Validator Pro User

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Edition Comparison Table
Item/Feature  Standard (FREE*)  Standard (Paid)  Pro  Enterprise
Price (single license) FREE*


US $69

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US $129

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US $349

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Current version 16.04 17.03 17.03 17.03
Commercial use allowed No Yes Yes Yes
Latest version (best checking and most up-to-date) No Yes Yes Yes
HTML, XHTML, CSS editing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrates with other software Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protects privacy (doesn't send documents over the web to be checked) Yes Yes Yes Yes
HTML & CSS checking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link checking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spell checking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search engine messages & tips (SEO) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mobile (Android/iOS) messages Yes Yes Yes Yes
JavaScript linting/checking Yes Yes Yes Yes
PHP syntax checking (requires PHP) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Accessibility testing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Section 508 accessibility checking Yes Yes Yes Yes
Disable messages you don't want Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pretty print & fix Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated web browser Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor clipboard for documents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Lots of helpful tips & advice Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kept more up-to-date   Yes Yes Yes
Batch Wizard     Yes Yes
Add your own tags and messages     Yes Yes
Customize with your own user functions using TNPL     Yes Yes
XML message output     Yes Yes
Upgrade protection Not Applicable  60  90 days 180 days 1 year
Priority support & maint (PS&M) Not Available Optional Optional Included
Extra TNPL functionality       Yes
Batch Wizard enhancements       Yes

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About the Lite Edition

CSE HTML Validator Lite is provided free of charge for those who do not need the superior HTML & CSS syntax checking and the feature set of the standard and higher editions. The lite edition is aimed at casual HTML authors such as those who have personal web pages and students AND who only want or require a cursory and superficial HTML and CSS check.

The lite edition is not recommended for those who want thorough syntax checking or those who also want accessibility, link, JavaScript, SEO, and/or spell checking. The lite edition is also not recommended for professional, business, or government use.

Not Included with CSE HTML Validator Lite

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