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Free HTML & CSS Checking Software for Windows (with Integrated Editor)

CSE HTML Validator Lite is a reduced functionality older version of CSS HTML Validator Home, but it's free (even for commercial use) and is still useful if you don't need up-to-date checking. However, an up-to-date version is still recommended.

Screenshot of CSE HTML Validator Lite v16.0

Lite Edition screen shot showing the validation results at the bottom. Note that this edition has been discontinued and is not up-to-date with the latest HTML and CSS standards.

PRICES INCREASING: Buy or upgrade now to beat the upcoming price increases. Learn more.

"I have used CSE HTML Validator Lite for years now, I love it. I've recommended it to several people. Thanks for a great product!"
- Christine

"I was used to a free online tool, which is nowhere near as simple to use as CSE HTML Validator Lite. It suits all my needs as a web developer and I have recommended it to many colleagues already!"
- T. Kramer

"CSE HTML Validator Lite is a superb application -- does everything I hoped and much more."
- Charles Toth, CSE HTML Validator User in Keyser, WV

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Check HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, links, SEO, accessibility, and more with the latest version of CSS HTML Validator Home, Pro, or Enterprise.

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More About CSE HTML Validator Lite

CSE HTML Validator Lite v16.05 includes HTML5 support (although not up-to-date anymore), CSS checking, and a built-in editor with dynamic help, syntax highlighting, split view, and spell checking.

If you want more up-to-date HTML & CSS checking for personal, non-commercial use then download the free personal version of CSS HTML Validator, which is more up-to-date than the discontinued Lite edition.

If you want the latest and most up-to-date version then please buy a license.

Important: CSE HTML Validator Lite has been discontinued and no more updates are planned. However, the last release is still available (for now). An upgrade to the Home or Pro edition, which still gets frequent updates, is highly recommended. You may also want to use EmEditor, a powerful Windows text editor that now comes with a more recent special build version of CSS HTML Validator Lite.

CSE HTML Validator Lite for Windows can:

"There aren't many freeware programs out there these days that are this well done and useful."
- Tim Matheson, CSE HTML Validator User

"I downloaded CSE HTML Validator Lite about two months ago and have used it ever since. It's absolutely delightful to use - and has options for everything you can think of (and a lot that you can't!). But in spite of the options, it can be used by amateurs like myself with the default values only. I have tried several other validators before and none comes near it for ease of use, flexibility, and thorough reliability. When I develop to the stage of needing the even more powerful edition, I won't bother to look elsewhere, as I'm confident this product will be of the highest standard also. Well done, and thanks."
- Phil Taylor, CSE HTML Validator User

Other editions are also available. These editions (Home, Pro, and Enterprise) are recommended for business and government use as well as for serious, professional, or student web developers. These editions include:

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Download CSE HTML Validator Lite (No Longer Supported)

Download CSE HTML Validator Lite v16.05 for Windows (about 9.0 MB):

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After downloading, simply run the downloaded file to install the free HTML Validator.